Inside view of an Isolated Power Panel

PG LifeLink's Standard Isolated Power Panels offer the same performance as our Enhanced Panels at a more cost-effective solution. Our Standard Panels may be used in certain situations where panel depth is not a consideration or there is a need to match an existing installation.

PG LifeLink Isolated Power Panels are designed, build, and tested in accordance with the following:

  • UL 1047, UL 1022, UL 50
  • CSA C22.1 Part 1, and CSA C22.2 No. 204
  • IBC (2012), AC156 (2010), ASCE 7-10
  • OSHPD (State of California), OSP-0210-10


PG LifeLink Isolated Power Systems UL Certification document

PG LifeLink Isolated Power Panel Seismic Certification document (current testing underway)

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