What is a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)?

The Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) continuously monitors the Total Hazard Current (THC) of an Isolated Power System in the Healthcare industry.  A LIM provides both visual and audible alarm signals to alert medical staff of the presence of a line-to-ground fault on connected equipment. System status and operating parameters are prominently displayed on a large LCD screen. 

NFPA 99 (2015 Edition) Healthcare Code Requirements:

All Isolated Power Systems are provided with a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) per NFPA 99 (2015 Edition) Code: 

  • – "In addition to the usual control and protective devices, each Isolated Power System shall be provided with an approved, continually operating Line Isolation Monitor that indicates possible leakage or fault currents from either isolated conductor to ground." 

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Please note: PG LifeLink has discontinued the manufacture and supply of the Mark IV Line Isolation Monitor (LIM). PG LifeLink will support any warranty claims or direct replacement of the Mark IV LIM with the Mark V LIM. For more information, view the press release or contact PG LifeLink's Service Department at 1-800-287-4132. 

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