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PG LifeLink has been a leading manufacturer of Isolated Power products for more than 60 years. We offer a complete line of Isolated Power Panels and Accessories, Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs), and  Portable Laser Panels. Our service department offers Factory Start-up Commissioning, Recertification, and Annual Testing as well as installation of Isolated Power Panel Upgrades and Retrofits for most all brands and systems.

Transition to PG LifeLink

PG LifeLink originated as Post Glover Electrical Systems in 1892. In 1957, the company began producing Isolated Power Panels under the Post Glover brand name. In 2004, the Isolated Power products were separated as a stand-alone business and renamed PG LifeLink.

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In 1996 PG LifeLink began manufacturing Surface Metal Raceway. These systems are designed for the containment and connection of power, data, and lab gas services. LabLink Connectivity Products provide versatile and functional solutions for many markets and applications most commonly, research and educational laboratories. LabLink Connection Products are also installed wherever customized raceway connectivity is required such as hospitals or data centers.

LabLink product offerings include: Versa-Duct Surface Metal Raceway, Service Pedestals, Power Strips, and Power Poles as well as Overhead Service Carriers, Ceiling Service Panels, and LED LabLights. LabLink Laboratory Connection Products fit all varieties of laboratory furniture and our design engineers are available to assist you with project specifications and custom applications.


Experience the PG LifeLink Advantage

Power safety is the foundation of our business. Trust our experts to be your partner from design to installation and experience the PG LifeLink advantage.

  • Experience – With more than 60 years focused on critical power safety, thousands of hospitals across the world rely on PG LifeLink equipment to protect their patients and employees.
  • Technology – PG LifeLink has pioneered innovation in the power industry since the beginning. This includes the versatile Surgical Facility Panels of the 1960s, the first Duplex and Dual Voltage Panels of the 1990s, to today’s streamline LED LabLight, Mark V digital Line Isolation Monitor (LIM), and industry-leading dimensions for Isolated Power Panels.
  • Engineering Assistance – Our Engineers can work with Consulting Engineers, Contractors, and Planners to create solutions that fit the unique needs of each project. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.
  • Responsiveness – Project quotations are provided within one day of request and drawing submittals are sent within two days of a purchase order.
  • Quick Delivery – Three to four-week delivery commitment on most projects.
  • Buy American – PG LifeLink’s products are 100% assembled in the United States.

PG LifeLink’s Quality Commitment

Through continual improvement, we strive to meet the needs of our customers by delivering the right product at the right time, first time, every time.

We invite you to choose PG LifeLink. From design to installation, we will be with you every step of the way. For more information or to order PG LifeLink products, please contact us today at 1-800-287-4123.

PG LifeLink is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

PG LifeLink Employment Opportunities 

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