PG LifeLink’s Custom Power Strips are UL 962A standard Furniture Power Distribution Units (FPDUs) made of high quality extruded aluminum, designed to be both rugged and versatile. LabLink Power Strips can be installed vertically or horizontally and can also include circuit protection and power switches. Custom Power Strip lengths and custom cord lengths provide versatility for the modern mobile lab environment commonly found in university and research laboratories.


Power Strip Applications:

Power Strip Benefits

  • Durable and corrosion resistant material
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Custom lengths and configurations available
  • Certified by ETL to UL and CSA standards


Standard Features:

  • Custom Power Strip lengths: 4.5" to 120"
  • Power cord lengths: 3' to 25'
  • Black cord standard, white cord available
  • Twist lock or straight blade plug available
  • Rivet nuts provided for mounting
  • If the number of power devices exceeds five per circuit, circuit protection is required (circuit protection available as an option for less than 6 devices)
  • 1, 2, 3 circuit power strips are available on a single cord
  • 120 Volt (20A devices)
  • Receptacles available:
    • Duplex
    • Simplex (straight blade or twist lock)
    • GFCI
    • Decora
    • Surge Suppression
    • USB
    • Communication holder with jacks (CAT 5e or CAT 6)
  • Clear satin anodized finish

Optional Features:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Power switch
  • Circuit protection (for less than 6 circuits)
  • Many RAL powder coated colors available
  • Circuit labeling or cover engraving

Voltage Specifications:

Maximum Output Voltage


Nominal Input Voltage  
NEMA 5-20P Power Plug, NEMA 5-15R/5-20R Receptacle 120V
NEMA 14-20P Power Plug, NEMA 5-15R/5-20R Receptacle 120V/250V
NEMA  L5-20P Power Plug, NEMA 5-15R/5-20R Receptacle 120V
NEMA  L14-20P Power Plug, NEMA 5-15R/5-20R Receptacle 120V/250V
NEMA  L21-20P Power Plug, NEMA 5-15R/5-20R Receptacle 120V/208V

Nominal Output Voltage


Regulatory Derated Input Current (North America)


Maximum Input Current per Phase


Maximum Total Current Draw per Phase


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Series Sizes

Power Strips are available in the following LabLink Series Sizes:

  • 130
  • 155
  • 250
  • 252
  • 255
  • 345

Visit Series Sizes for detailed dimensions. 

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Furniture Power Distribution Units (FPDUs) can be installed in any orientation provided that proper access, mounting, and safety guidelines are observed. Before any installation, maintenance or modification work, unplug the power strip from the power source or ensure that the power source is turned off and locked out. Touching any live components or improper handling of this FPDU can result in death, severe personal injury, or substantial damage to property. Safe operation is dependent upon proper storage, handling, installation, and operation. Power Strips (FPDUs) are not to be used in conjunction with an extension cord or another power strip.

Mounting Instructions

  • Direct Mounting (front): Remove cover. Use #10 (or larger) screws to mount to furniture. Ensure at least 3 threads are engaged in material or nut. Reattach cover.
  • Direct Mounting (rear): Mount to furniture frame from rear using 10-24 rivet nuts in body using a 10-24 machine screw. Ensure at least 3 threads are engaged in rivet nut.
  • Bracket Mounting (optional): Attach brackets to rivet nuts in body using screws provided (if not already installed). Mount to furniture frame using #10 (or larger) screws to mount to furniture. Ensure at least 3 threads are engaged in material or nut.

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LabLink Power Strips are certified by ETL to the following standards:

  • UL 962A Standard for Furniture Power Distribution Units
  • CSA C22.2 No. 203 Modular Wiring Systems for Office Furniture

LabLink Power Strip Certification document.

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