The Device Network Gateway Module (Model CGW-1208) manages serial communication between PG LifeLink devices and uplinks the facility’s Local Area Network (LAN). The user interface is based on HTML5, allowing continuous updates as PG LifeLink products evolve. The CGW-1208 transmits data of all devices in the system, allowing requests of all PG LifeLink devices, including SafeDetec LIM, Fault Load Monitoring, and Circuit Load Monitoring.


Plus Series Product Overview



  • Up to 50 LIMs are connected via 2-wire RS-485 to a PGL Device Network Gateway module (Model CGW-1208)
  • Multiple gateway devices can be linked via a facility’s LAN to scale the network to include up to 250 Line Isolation Monitors, including Fault Location System, Circuit Load Monitoring data, Circuit Load Monitoring, Total System Monitoring, and Transformer Temperature Monitoring
  • Device network gateway allows remote monitoring of networked devices via web server from any local browser or data uplink to Building Management Systems via Modbus, BaceNet, or TCP/IP communication protocols
  • Supports email/SMS alerts to designated facility staff
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