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As technology progresses, medical facilities rely more heavily on advanced electrical equipment for critical patient care. Special protection against electric shock is required by NFPA 99 (2015 Edition) Code and NEC (2014 Edition) to be installed in all “wet procedure locations”. Isolated Power Systems are the preferred method of achieving this protection where power interruption cannot be tolerated.

For more than 50 years, PG LifeLink has been providing Isolated Power Systems to healthcare facilities. With decades of experience in protecting patients and caregivers in the healthcare industry, we custom design and manufacture Isolated Power Systems for many locations within hospitalssurgery centers and other critical care medical care facilities. Contact us to learn more about our medical isolated power supply and hospital IPS units.

What is Isolated Power?

Isolated power panels, often used in locations like Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, are designed to safeguard lives by reducing electrical hazards. Unlike conventional power systems, isolated power separates power distribution systems, minimizing the chances of electrical shock in case of a fault. This configuration provides an extra layer of protection in environments where human lives are at stake.

Where do you need Power Safety? 

Isolated power is indispensable in medical equipment such as patient monitors, surgical instruments, and defibrillators. It prevents leakage currents that could compromise patient and personnel safety while maintaining accurate data transmission. The NFPA 99 requires isolated power to be installed in all wet procedure locations.

Common healthcare facilities with isolation power include:

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