Thousands of hospitals across the world rely on PG LifeLink's Isolated Power equipment to protect their patients and employees. This equipment includes Isolated Power Panels, Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs) and Isolated Power Accessories. Isolated Power Systems are installed in NFPA 99 defined "wet procedure locations" areas throughout the hospital including: 

PG LifeLink can also upgrade/retrofit any existing equipment and offers installation and maintenance services. 

PG LifeLink Isolated Power Installation PG LifeLink Isolated Power Installation

Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH & Texoma Medical Center - Denison, TX


Why Does an Operating Room Power Supply Require Isolation?

Isolated Power Panels are essential for medical facilities, particularly in wet procedure locations. They require an isolation transformer to ensure uninterrupted power, even in a line-to-ground fault. This transformer also works to prevent electrical shock.

The Isolated Power Panels provide ungrounded service for various hospital applications, ensuring a continuous power supply in case of a fault. The panels are designed to eliminate the risk of electrical shock while still allowing the use of critical equipment. The proper alarm sounds in the event of a fault, but the power is maintained, providing uninterrupted service.

How Do Line Isolation Monitors (Lim) Protect Patients and Personnel?

The line isolation monitor will enter an alarm if it detects a ground fault. This alarm notifies staff of a line-ground fault on the connected medical equipment. Additional options identify the fault location and aid in correcting a fault. 

A ground fault detector or line isolation monitor regularly measures the electrical current within operating room equipment. The isolated power panel provides steady power supplies and eliminates the danger of electrical shock. The line isolation monitor allows the procedure to continue while keeping patients and personnel safe. 

Maintence and Testing

PG LifeLink can also upgrade/retrofit any existing equipment and offers installation and maintenance services. A PG LifeLink Retrofit Kit can extend the life of your current system. 

In cases where the transformers, panelboards, wiring, and other components still have a service life, upgrading your system will maintain compliance with NFPA 99 requirements. Line Isolation Monitor upgrades are an economical alternative to replacing your entire Isolated Power System. 

Annual testing ensures that isolated power systems reliably perform patient protection and fault monitoring. NFPA 99 code requires that all line isolation monitors be tested and documented at least every 12 months. The PG LifeLink service team offers one-year or multi-year Annual Isolated Power panel and line Isolation Monitor Testing contracts.  

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