Isolated Power Panels By Industry

PG Lifelink has earned the title of “Experts in Power Safety” by developing innovative products and solutions to meet the ever-evolving power safety and management needs. Over the last 60 years, our Isolated Power Systems and LabLink products have been successfully installed in hundreds of healthcare facilities, laboratories, universities, and commercial environments. PG LifeLink will help customize a solution to meet the unique needs of each project.


PG Lifelink provides Isolated Power Systems to healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Our Isolated Power Systems protect both patients and caregivers in the healthcare industry by providing invaluable protection against electric shock in areas deemed “wet procedure locations.” Our products ensure critical systems remain online and uninterrupted while meeting NFPA 99 Healthcare Facility Code and NEC standards.

We offer the following Isolated Power System products:


Our LabLink product line provides customized power and data connectivity solutions to various laboratory environments, including university, research, medical, pharmaceutical, and private laboratories. LabLink products offer flexible design options to meet the containment and connectivity of power, communication, data, air, gas, and vacuum services in a laboratory environment.

We offer the following LabLink products to laboratories:


LabLink products offer versatile and functional solutions to meet connectivity, power, and data needs in commercial and office environments. LabLink connectivity products are made of high-quality extruded aluminum that provide an aesthetic appeal in any modern commercial environment.

We offer the following LabLink products for any commercial environment: