PG LifeLink offers Annual Testing for all facilities using Isolated Power. PG LifeLink’s qualified Field Service Technicians are specifically trained on all brands and models of Isolated Power Panels.

Regular Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) testing is vital to ensuring that Isolated Power Systems reliably perform their patient protection and fault monitoring role. NFPA 99, paragraph requires that all Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs) be tested and documented at least every 12 months (every 1 month for older analog designs). LIMs must also be tested after any “repair or renovation” to the system using external fault loads (paragraph Learn more at Isolated Power Panel testing requirements.

Testing to cover the minimal NFPA requirements is often performed internally by Biomed facility personnel. This type of testing will provide some minimal information about the health of the system. However, these basic tests do not provide the type of data necessary to spot trends and ensure that system reliability is not compromised in the future.

PG LifeLink offers one and three year Annual Testing Contracts. The testing completed by our Field Service Technicians far surpasses the minimal requirements to remain compliant for NFPA and Joint Commission audits. Our Field Service Technicians are factory trained to thoroughly investigate the entire Isolated Power Panel and associated electrical components of your operating rooms. While on site, Technicians also offer training for clinical and facility maintenance staff on the proper use and maintenance of Isolated Power Systems. After completion of testing, PG LifeLink provides the facility owner a comprehensive report with critical information to help avoid costly and potentially dangerous shut downs.

Eligible PG LifeLink equipment may qualify for a free extension of the standard two year new product warranty as long as an active Annual Testing Contract is maintained. Typically, a facility experiencing difficulties with a LIM is responsible not only for replacement of that LIM but also the labor and re-testing of the panel if it is not covered under warranty. With a PG LifeLink Annual Testing Contract, all costs are included. In the case of problems with covered equipment, a Field Service Technician would install a replacement and re-certify the Isolated Power Panel. This provides additional peace of mind for you and your facility.

Annual Testing per NFPA 99 Guidelines vs. PG LifeLink Annual Testing

Annual Testing per NFPA 99

  • Operation of LIM test function (
  • LIM alarm point verification via simulated fault (
  • Remote Annunciator operation, if present (

PG LifeLink Annual Testing

  • All of NFPA 99 based Annual Testing
  • Measurement of system voltages
  • Measurement of Total Hazard Current (THC)
  • Calculation of system line‐to‐ground impedance
  • Measurement of touch voltage on conductive surfaces in patient care vicinity (
  • Measurement of grounding impedance between room reference and IPS receptacles (
  • Supplementary training for facility personnel on IPS operation and maintenance
  • Contract includes a comprehensive written Test Report including test data, findings and observations, and recommendations for appropriate repairs or upgrades

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