Commercial Markets

Commercial Markets Installation

LabLink connectivity products are often installed in an office or commercial environment when custom solutions for power and/or data are requested. LabLink VERSA-DUCT Aluminum Raceway, Power Strips and LED Task Lights provide flexible, customized solutions while supporting the modern aesthetic needs of many commercial environments.  

LabLink Connection Products, such as commercial overhead service carriers, are used for the containment and connectivity of power, communication, data, air, gas and vacuum services. These office connectivity products provide versatile and functional solutions for many markets and applications most commonly research, educational and commercial environments. LabLink Connection Products are also installed wherever customized raceway connectivity is required such as offices.

You can find LabLink installations at:

  • Apple Computer – Cupertino, CA
  • Go Daddy – Sunnyvale, CA
  • Las Vegas Convention Center – Las Vegas, NV
  • Entenmann’s Bakery – Cincinnati, OH
  • Monaco Ford – Glastonbury, CT

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