NFPA 99 articles 6.3.2, 6.3.3, and 6.3.4 detail various testing requirements for all newly installed Isolated Power Systems to be thoroughly tested prior to first use. On-site Start-up Commissioning and Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) testing by a PG LifeLink factory trained Field Service Technician is offered with equipment for all new installations.

Start-up Commissioning assures facility owners and design engineers that all construction materials and workmanship comply with code requirements for new installations. Successful Commissioning activates the factory warranty on the Isolated Power System.

Per article, testing must also be performed using external simulated faults after any “repair or renovation” to the system. PG LifeLink Technicians can provide recertification testing for any brand of Isolated Power equipment. Testing and documentation of proper operation after recertification can give you confidence in your equipment’s safety and reliability.

Start-up Commissioning Test and/or Recertification Includes:

  • Inspection of contractor-installed wiring and devices
  • Verification of NEC Article 517.160 installation specifications
  • Verification of NFPA 99 required criteria, including:
    • Fault, monitor and Total Hazard Current (THC) readings
    • Line-to-ground impedance verification using the measurement methods specified in NFPA 99 article
    • Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) testing
    • Remote monitor operation check
    • Receptacle ground impedance measurement
    • Conductive surface touch voltage measurement
  • Training is provided for facility personnel on equipment operation, maintenance, annual testing and documentation requirements 
  • Test Report is provided upon completion and Log Book is available for future facility-maintained record keeping

PG LifeLink requests 20 business days advance notice for scheduling Factory Start-up Commissioning or Recertification testing. Contact our service team to request a date of service. Please refer to the Service Preparation Checklist for instructions for preparation before arrival of a Field Service Technician.

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