PG LifeLink is introducing SafeDetec®, its next-generation Line Isolation Monitor.

As the complexity of medical equipment innovation increases, modern operating rooms must support an ever-increasing number of complex devices.

These devices are designed to provide smarter more efficient care. One side effect of this technological advancement is an associated decrease in power line quality.

High-frequency load switching and harmonic noise, sometimes created by these devices, present a challenging environment for power monitoring equipment.

SafeDetec® has been developed using advanced filtering and measurement techniques to accommodate and adapt to current and future equipment

The Line Isolation Monitor SafeDetec® LIM will also serve as a new communication and control platform to support several additional component options to our full line of isolated power systems. These new features will include individual circuit fault location identification, improved communication options for isolated power systems, and integration with enterprise-level systems such as building management system software.



  • State of the art digital Total Hazard Current measurement method
  • Adaptable filtering and noise suppression for improved accuracy and reliability
  • High contrast 40-character OLED display for better visibility and viewing angle
  • Universal 120-240 VAC power input allows LIMs to be directly interchanged from 120V to 208V/240V laser panels without changing internal jumper or switch settings
  • Additional parameters can be displayed on the user interface for more advanced troubleshooting such as L1 and L2 line-to-ground voltages, insulation resistance, and insulation capacitance.
  • Increased memory allows more log entries and a longer history of LIM data
  • Tested for RF compatibility with Siemens 1.5 Tesla Sola and 3.0 Tesla Vida Magnetom MRI systems. Contact our application engineering team for special ordering instructions find more information here

Operating Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 102 - 265 VAC, single phase
  • Operating frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Accuracy: +5% of full scale
  • Monitor Hazard Current (MHC):
    • 25 µA max. @ 120 VAC
    • 50 µA max. @ 240 VAC

Available Isolated Power Panels Design Options

Isolated Power Panels

Typical Location

Typical Application

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Model IPP-P Hospital operating or procedure rooms Most commonly used in 7.5KVA or 10KVA configurations Quote
Model IPX-P Hospital operating or procedure rooms Used as a cost-effective and space-saving option, providing two Isolated Power Panels within one enclosure Quote
Model IPD-P Hospital operating room or procedure room requiring power for high volt (laser) and low volt equipment Used to provide high and low volt power options from one primary feed and within one enclosure Quote
Model IPL-P Hospital operating room or procedure room requiring power for high volt (laser) equipment Used to provide high volt power to multiple rooms (via Programable Logic Controller system) without requiring an Isolated Power Panel physically located in each room. Quote


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