NFPA 99 2015 Edition ( and the NEC 2011 Edition (517.160(B)(1)) both require a Remote Annunciator to be “plainly” or "conspicuously” visible inside the area served when a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) is installed outside the patient/procedure area.

The Remote Annunciator displays the Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) status and notifies if a fault has occurred. The standard Remote Annunciator (DRA-1) includes illumination of status and alarm only. Full display and duplicate LIM functionality are also available (DRA-VS).



Model DRA-1V Remote Annunciator
DRA-1V Remote Annunciator The PG LifeLink Model DRA-1V Remote Annunciator contains similar indication and functionality as found on the front of the Mark V LIM. Features include alarm indication as well as real-time THC display, silence and self-test functions.

The DRA-1V is an excellent option for upgrading older, analog Square D Isolated Power Panels. Often the LIM is hidden on these older models and the user must rely on an analog meter at the top right-hand corner of the panel. With the DRA-1V, the LIM can be replaced with a digital Mark V LIM and the analog remote can be replaced with the digital DRA-1V Remote Annunciator bringing the entire system up to date. 

Model DRA-1 Remote Annunciator
DRA-1-Remote The Model DRA-1 Remote Annunciator contains basic audible and visual alarm indication along with a silence feature. (Model DRA-1 Remote Annunciator is compatible with the Mark V LIM and the Mark IV LIM.)


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