The PG Lifelink fault location system can immediately identify the individual circuit generating a high-hazard current. Troubleshooting of the equipment powered on that circuit can be immediately addressed eliminating or reducing potential Operating Room downtime.


Plus Series Product Overview



  • Displays circuit number via onboard LEDs as well as on the SafeDetec® OLEDinterface status screen
  • Two Eight-pole CT Banks connected to a single CT Manager installed in Panel can monitor either 8 or 16 circuits per Isolated Power System
  • Available on all model configurations of PG LifeLink Plus Series Isolated Power System
  • When connected to the PG LifeLink Device Network Gateway Module (Model GGW-1208) this information can be monitored remotely through Web Browser, Building Management System and/or a Touch Screen Master Remote

This option is only available in the Plus Series Line with the SafeDetec Line Isolation Monitor.

Why Is It Essential to Include Ground Fault Location in an Isolated Power System?

PG LifeLink Isolated Power System and Fault Location System reduce Operating Room downtime by quickly identifying the source of a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) hazard current alarm. The addition of a Fault Location System improves troubleshooting and shortens the time needed for hospital maintenance teams to determine the root cause of a LIM alarm.

How Does a Fault Location System Simplify Fault Detection?

A PG LifeLink Fault Location System reduces downtown in hospital operating rooms by automatically providing valuable fault circuit information to clinicians, biomed, and facility maintenance teams. An Isolated Power System with the addition of a Fault Location System is designed to detect a fault while the system remains energized without any user intervention. This design simplifies the maintenance required to locate the circuit alarming a Line Isolated Monitor by identifying which particular circuit and, in turn, the device contributing to the fault alarm.

Combine a PG LifeLink Fault Location System with the Device Network Gateway to monitor fault location data remotely.

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