service imagePG LifeLink’s Field Service Technicians are qualified on all aspects of Isolated Power Systems including installation, Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) testing, troubleshooting and repair. Our Technicians are certified to thoroughly inspect and test Isolated Power equipment in accordance with the most recent edition of the NFPA 99 (Health Care Facilities Code) Articles 6.3.2 & 6.3.3 and NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) Article 517. While on site, our Technicians offer training for clinical and facility maintenance staff on the proper use and maintenance of Isolated Power Systems. From Factory Start-up Commissioning to Annual Testing, you can count on PG LifeLink Field Service Technicians to keep your facility up to date and compliant.

Benefits of Manufacturer Field Service and Maintenance

  • Verify proper installation before procedure room start-up to assure safe and trouble-free service life
  • Identify developing potential problems that may interfere with procedure room use
  • Provide documentation of tests result for accrediting agency audits
  • Annual testing by PG LifeLink extends the warranty on our own qualified Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs) for one additional year
  • We offer service on all aspects of Isolated Power Systems in all 50 states and Canada

Since 1957, PG LifeLink has been the leader in product innovation and customer service in the Isolated Power industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, testing and servicing Isolated Power Systems make us an excellent partner for your facility.