PG LifeLink offers pre-engineered Line Isolated monitor retrofit kits and replacements for many popular legacy Isolated Power Systems to bring your aging installed system up to date at a minimum of risk and expense. We also provide custom design services to develop a unique solution and custom line isolated monitor retrofit kit for your particular equipment. Our digital LIM panels are built to the current industry-standard footprint to minimize mechanical compatibility issues and integrate with most existing systems. Contact us for more informaiton on our line isolated monitor retrofit kits & replacements.




Manufacturers of panels and LIMs we can upgrade:

  • PG LifeLink / Post Glover
  • Square D
  • Bender
  • Hospital Systems
  • Hill-Rom
  • Isotrol
  • Isolation Systems Ltd. (Canada)
  • Isolated Power Specialist
  • Federal Pacific
  • Federal Pioneer
  • CES
  • and others

Sample Retrofit Kits

PG LifeLink Mark V LIM Retrofit Kit with DRA-1V
Mark-V-Retrofit-Kit with DRA-1V Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • New Mark V LIM with two-year warranty
  • New wiring harness
  • New mounting brackets or bezel
  • New DRA-1V Remote Annunciator (if required)
  • Operation manual with wiring diagram
This Retrofit Kit is an excellent option for upgrading older, analog Square D Isolated Power Panels. Often the LIM is hidden on these older models and the user must rely on an analog meter at the top right-hand corner of the panel. With the DRA-1V, the LIM can be replaced with a digital Mark V LIM and the analog remote can be replaced with the digital DRA-1V Remote Annunciator bringing the entire system up to date.

PG LifeLink Mark V LIM Retrofit Kit with DRA-1
Mark-V-Retrofit-Kit with DRA-1 Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • New Mark V LIM with two-year warranty
  • New wiring harness
  • New mounting brackets or bezel
  • New DRA-1 Remote Annunciator (if required)
  • Operation manual with wiring diagram

This Retrofit Kit is an option for upgrading any brand of Isolated Power Panel outside of the “wet procedure location” which would require a non-metered Remote Annunciator in the OR room. This Kit includes a DRA-1 Remote, offering basic audible and visual alarm indication along with a silence feature.  

Most Common LIM Brands for Retrofits

PG LifeLink Mark III Analog LIM
PG-LifeLink-Mark-III-LIM This LIM can be found in Post Glover Isolated Power Panels, specifically older Model IDP, IDC, IDS, IDL, and others. It may be branded as Post Glover (or PG) LifeLink, Post Glover, Post Glover ESB, or Post Glover Halsey.

Square D Analog LIMs
square-d-digital-LIM These LIMs can be found in Square D Isolated Power Panels from their introduction to the introduction of the Series D digital LIM. Several analog models exist (one is shown in the image on the left) as well as a digital model. Most are labeled “Iso-Gard” on the front.

Isotrol/Bender Analog LIM
IZ-Analog This brand of LIM can be found in Bender and Isotrol Isolated Power Panels from the 1980s to the present. In addition to the analog model (image shown to the left), there are also 2 digital models, “LIM-2000+” and “LIM-2010”.

PG LifeLink Mark IV Digital LIM
PGL-Digital This LIM has been used in all PG LifeLink Isolated Power Panels, from about 1999 to 2016. It has been labeled as Post Glover Halsey and PG LifeLink.

Schneider/Square D Digital LIMs
SqD-Digital The Iso-Guard Series D (image shown to the left) was introduced in the mid-90s and was the standard product through about 2010. Since then the IG-6 has been used in all Square D Isolated Power Panels. The IG-6 and the panels it is installed in are usually branded as Schneider, the parent corporation of Square D.

Laser and X-ray Systems

Mark-V-Retrofit-Kit LIMs associated with many Laser and X-ray Isolated Power Systems functioning today often have outdated control systems. This can lead to unexpected outages in operating rooms during use. Retrofit Kits for Laser and X-ray Isolated Power Systems include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) System. This system protects against accidental overload and allows power to be selectively provided to the location needed. The outlet is energized by opening the receptacle cover, activating the contact switch and signaling the panel PLC to power the circuit. Once energized, the circuit is locked on until the device is disconnected and the cover is closed. The lockout feature can also limit the number of energized outlets, allowing the hospital to control the number of lasers and/or X-ray procedures performed at any one time. This system is usually installed along with a new digital LIM as part of a Retrofit Kit. See Laser and X-ray Outlet Modules to learn more about these systems.


To help us provide you with the most comprehensive quote, please provide the following information:

  • Facility name and address
  • Quantity of equipment needing upgrades
  • Panel listing (example: OR 3 Panel A)
  • Picture of the entire panel front
  • Picture of the Line Isolation Monitor
  • Picture of any associated remote annunciators, if applicable
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