PG LifeLink offers a comprehensive line of isolated power system accessories to meet your organization’s needs. Adding accessories to a patient, procedure, or surgical room helps to create convenient and easy access to the system and facilitates maximizing safety and efficiency. Isolated power panel accessories include remote annunciators, power ground modules and receptacles, and laser and x-ray outlet modules.


Remote Annunciators

Our remote annunciators are available in a variety of functional configurations and are used across a broad range of healthcare facility applications. PG LifeLink’s remote annunciators are simple to install or configure and are a cost-effective monitoring solution. Our series of remote annunciators helps to eliminate issues caused by aging systems and reduces testing costs. PG LifeLink remote annunciators can also be used in other commercial settings.

Power Ground Modules and Receptacles

Ground and power modules provide a blend of hospital grade power receptacles and ground jacks to satisfy the requirements of general and critical care areas. These modules offer maximum convenience – allowing portable equipment to be properly ground and to complete the local network.  PG LifeLink power ground modules and receptacles are available in a variety of combinations and can be customized to meet your needs.

Laser Outlet Modules

Laser outlet modules provide an accessible source of power for portable x-ray and laser equipment required in procedure rooms. This hospital-grade receptacle is designed in strict compliance with UL standards and is compatible with the NEMA plug configuration of PF LifeLink equipment with which it will be used. Get more information on our complete line of laser outlet modules.

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