Aluminum Surface Raceway

PG LifeLink anodized aluminum Surface Metal Raceways (Versa-Duct) provide a versatile and functional way of combining electrical, data, and communication into one unified system. Factory pre-cut to finished wall dimensions and pre-wired to each job’s specification, Versa-Duct saves you time and money by reducing on-site labor costs by up to 70%. PG LifeLink’s Versa-Duct Surface Metal Raceway Systems are available in single, double, or triple channel. The standard aluminum alloy with an anodized clear satin finish is durable and corrosion-resistant but Versa-Duct surface raceways are also available in RAL powder coated colors. Contact us today to learn more about our aluminum surface raceway system.

Versa-Duct Raceway Applications:

Aluminum vs. Steel Raceway

LabLink’s surface mounted raceway is made of high quality extruded aluminum, providing a modern aesthetic appeal and easy to clean corrosion resistant surface. Our standard finish is a clear satin anodized aluminum with powder coating available as an option. Raceway can be made from aluminum and/or steel. Benefits of aluminum versus steel surface mounted raceway include:

  • No rusting
  • Longer lasting
  • Modern aesthetic

LabLink’s surface mounted raceway also offers added benefits because it is pre-wired raceway system and pre-cut in the factory as opposed to in the field by an Electrical Contractor. These benefits include:

  • Less scrap metal and material waste
  • No checkerboard effect
  • Reduced on-site labor costs

Versa-Duct Surface Metal Raceway Benefits

  • Pre-cut and pre-wired
  • Reduced on-site labor costs
  • An efficient solution to short construction cycles
  • Combine electrical, data and communication into one system
  • Durable and corrosion resistant material
  • Certified by ETL to UL and CSA standards

Only need linear feet of surface raceway material? Buy it directly from PG LifeLink! Buying raw raceway materials direct from a manufacturer will save you lead time and money. Start building your raceway system here.


Standard Features:

  • Lengths and configurations available to meet your project specifications
  • Single, Dual and Triple Channel Assemblies available
  • Customized factory pre-cut, pre-assembled, and pre-wired multi-outlet assemblies (provisions only also available)
  • Extruded from #6063-T5 corrosion resistant anodized aluminum alloy
  • Clear satin anodized finish
  • Configured to include power receptacles, phone, and data connections
  • Receptacle options available:
    • Duplex
    • Simplex (straight blade or twist lock)
    • GFCI
    • Decora
    • Surge Suppression
    • USB
    • Communication holder with jacks (CAT 5e or CAT 6)
  • Devices secured to removable cover plates for easy access in the field 
  • 12" electrical pigtails provided for easy field connections
  • Integrated channel barriers to provide isolation of adjacent circuits (Normal, emergency standby, and low voltage communication circuits can be installed)
  • Relief slots on either side of the raceway allowing access to wired outlets
  • Self-adhesive polyester labels are included for ease in identification of panels and circuits in the field
  • Versa-Duct sections are labeled to maximize installation efficiency
  • Cover removal tool included
  • THNN stranded wire
  • Minimum wire gauge per amperage: 
    • 15 amp #14 wire
    • 20 amp #12 wire
    • 30 amp #10 wire
    • 50 amp #6 wire (Excludes 355 Series)
    • 60 amp #4 wire (Excludes 355 Series)

Optional Features

  • THNN solid or other wire types
  • Isolated ground receptacles
  • Many RAL powder coated colors available
  • Cover engraving
  • Mounting brackets to secure devices to raceway channel
  • Couplings and/or elbows (as required)
  • Replacement covers are available for maximum flexibility when adding or deleting any power or data outlets

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Aluminum Raceway Specifications

Versa-Duct Raceways are available in the following Series Sizes:

Single Channel Raceway (electric or data)

  • 130
  • 155

Double Channel Raceway (used when two different types of services are required. Electrical and data, normal power, and emergency power)

  • 250
  • 255
  • 252

Triple Channel Raceway (used when three types of services are required. Normal, emergency power, and data/communication devices)

  • 345

Visit Series Sizes for detailed dimensions.

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Cover Installation/Removal: The relief slots on either side of the LabLink raceway body are used during the removal of the covers. For removal, carefully insert a wide blade into the slot. Apply steady pressure to dislodge the side of the channel from the cover. Avoid twisting of the blade which may damage cover. (See installation diagram)

Mounting Options

  • Mount surface metal raceway to studs, or other structural members using #8 or larger screws
  • Avoid leaving sharp edges that may damage the internal wiring
  • Mount the surface raceway body (Be sure to provide a sufficient number of screws to ensure proper rigidity. Standard spacing is generally 16” on center, but may vary.)
  • Mounting screws should not be placed within 4” of the end of the raceway to allow clearance for couplings to slide between raceway and fittings
  • Mount elbow fittings, if applicable, to the corners first, making certain the proper spacing and alignment are maintained between the fittings
  • When applicable, loosen and slide couplings inward to allow installation of successive lengths of raceway as well as any elbows or other fittings
    • Ensure there are no obstructions such as mounting brackets in the way of couplings
    • Slide the couplings across the joints and tighten the set, verifying that adjacent pieces fit together tightly 

Conduit Connection

  • Conduit connections to the surface metal raceway may be made using any National Electrical Code (N.E.C.), or other applicable approved standard method
  • After connecting the feed conduit to the raceway, check the circuit ground continuity (Should circuit ground continuity not be evident, insert a grounding bushing and secure it to the body of the raceway with a machine or self-tapping screw. Recheck for circuit ground continuity.)

Note: Compliance in accordance with the National Electrical Code (N.E.C) concerning final wiring is the sole responsibility of the installing contractor.

Standard Wire Color Coding:

Color Code for 125V, 2 Pole, 3 Wire, Grounding Receptacles:

  • Ground Conductor: Green
  • Neutral Conductor: White
  • Hot Conductor (Phase): Black (A), Red (B), or Blue (C)

Each row of three circuits shares a common neutral.                                                         

Standard Color Code for Other Receptacles:

  • Ground Conductor: Green
  • Neutral Conductor: White
  • 1st Hot Conductor: Black (X)
  • 2nd Hot Conductor: Red (Y)
  • 3rd Hot Conductor: Blue (Z)

VersaDuct Linear Raceway Standard Labeling:

  • Front of Raceway: Each receptacle will have a label indicating panel and circuit numbers.
  • All receptacles over 125V will have an additional label indicating voltage, phase, and amperage.
  • Back of Raceway: Label indicating raceway number and room/area.


Versa-Duct Raceway is easily connected wall-to-wall using raceway fitting accessories. Each fitting is made from the same durable and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum as the Versa-Duct raceway and is cut to provide a uniform finish.

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LabLink Surface Metal Raceway is certified by UL to the following standards:

  • UL 5 Standard for Surface Metal Raceway and Fittings
  • CSA C22.2 No. 62 – 93 Surface Raceway Systems

LabLink Surface Metal Raceway Certification document. 


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