The digital Mark V LIM (Line Isolation Monitor) was designed in accordance with NFPA 99 Healthcare Facility Code requirements to offer the best functionality and newest technology for our users. Created with the user in mind, the Mark V LIM offers an on-board status digital display and event logging and communication capability. The prominent LCD display instantly communicates important information such as line voltage, THC range, and system status indication. The intuitive user interface menu provides convenient access to view alarm and event logs as well as configuration of user settings. Users can also scroll through past alarm and event logs using the convenient front-mounted keys.  

LCD display (user selectable) and LIM Connect™ are also available in Spanish with a Spanish language overlay.

 Optional features can be added to display system overload and transformer temperature status with alarm notification available. The Mark V LIM can be networked with PG LifeLink’s LIM Connect™ remote management system and also is compatible with most Building Management Systems (BMS) via Ethernet and ModbusTCP.



  • Continuous monitoring of system hazard current
  • Self-testing/calibrating at user-preferred schedule
  • Onboard alarm and event logs with time and date stamp
  • Optional system load monitor and transformer over-temperature alarm
  • Optional LIM-Connect™ remote monitoring software interface
  • Compatible with most Building Management Systems (BMS) via Ethernet and ModbusTCP
  • User-selectable Spanish language LCD display with optional Spanish overlay

Operating Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 120 or 208/240 VAC (field selectable)
  • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Nominal power consumption: 10 VA
  • Accuracy: +5% of full scale (@ 5mA THC)
  • THC Alarm Level (field selectable) at 4.8 or 1.9mA (Canadian standard)
  • Monitor Hazard Current (MHC):
    • 25 µA max. @ 120 V
    • 50 µA max. @ 208/240 V

Available Isolated Power Panels Design Options

Isolated Power Panels

Typical Location

Typical Application

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Model IPP Hospital operating or procedure rooms Most commonly used in 7.5KVA or 10KVA configurations Quote
Model IPA Hospital ICUs, CCUs, Trauma/ED, C-Section or Post-Op procedure rooms Often used in smaller procedure rooms (3 KVA or 5 KVA configurations) where space for receptacle locations are limited Quote
Model IPX Hospital operating or procedure rooms Used as a cost-effective and space-saving option, providing two Isolated Power Panels within one enclosure Quote
Model IPD Hospital operating room or procedure room requiring power for high volt (laser) and low volt equipment Used to provide high and low volt power options from one primary feed and within one enclosure Quote
Model IPL Hospital operating room or procedure room requiring power for high volt (laser) equipment Used to provide high volt power to multiple rooms (via Programable Logic Controller system) without requiring an Isolated Power Panel physically located in each room. Quote


Please note: PG LifeLink has discontinued the manufacture and supply of the Mark IV Line Isolation Monitor (LIM). PG LifeLink will support any warranty claims or direct replacement of the Mark IV LIM with the Mark V LIM. For more information, view the press release or contact PG LifeLink's Service Department at 1-800-287-4132. 

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